It's time to preserve YOUR flow with the

Self-Care Strategy

You may hear self-care on a regular basis and believe you got it on lock with your hair, nail, and mask regularly. Those are all dope and in the beauty health category but they are not the source that fills you so you can pour out onto all who look to you. 

Self-Care is the regular practice and activity you take to recharge your spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and practical health daily. It is essential to preserve the gift that is you and all that you are called to SERVE. You can't serve from empty.  

When YOU choose to compromise your self-care you compromise yourself and all that flows to and from you. I have a strategy just for you!

Print out the Self-Care Regimen Strategy Worksheet

Pick 2 things from each section and create a self-care strategy regimen and make it a priority in your life. You are a priority to God.....