Let’s give the gift of a home!

Single mom in danger of losing her home. After many transitions in life she accrued 0ver $8000 in back rent. She has made every effort she can to pay the down the debt. She has made huge strides!

Due to variable income, homeschooling her daughter who has been dealing with depression and cutting, and back to back vehicle problems she needs help on the final stretch. If she does not pay the remaining balance by December 28th her and her daughter will have nowhere to live.

She has been able to sustain stable income to keep up her current rent just not enough to pay the remaining balance. 

Preparing to pay out of pocket for oral surgey for her daughter December 15th, working on being there for her daughter and creating a stable environment this back rent issue has been a heavy weight.  This would be a Christmas miracle for both of them.

that’s where you come in!

She needs $200 from your personal network - your family, friends, and co-workers.

That’s $10 from 20 people. That’s $20 from 10 people.