These are the VERY things that help me put in WERK with LOVE as I create LEGACY... Give them a try!


If you are in need of a website, you will love Squarespace. I have used Wix & Wordpress for my websites in the past. Squarespace has been my favorite out of them all. It is very user friendly without you having to use a web designer if you are just starting out. You can do it!


17hats has allowed me to make my business process seamless. From invoices, contracts, questionnaires, workflows, calendar sync and more all in one place. I can also automate it, GIRL! This has been key to my business increase and productivity as my business grows. Get 10% off and try it! 


I use acuity to automate my schedule with work and home life. When I have something going on in my home life it syncs it with all of my other calendars. It's great because it also allows your clients to schedule, reschedule, and or cancel their own appointments according to your availability.


As a Strategist, Author, and Educator ideas are constantly flowing! When I tell you I have to write them down so I don't forget before the next idea comes, Evernote has been bae. I literally have social media post, book content, grocery list, meal plans, and more all in my notes within Evernote. I also love the fact if I want to collaborate or send a message WITH my notes I can. Another thing I love is that when I use it on any device it syncs with all my others devices. 


This is the best budget tool by far that I have ever used. It makes financial freedom tangible no matter where you start financially. It also helps to bring your debt pay down strategy to life seamlessly. YNAB allows me to place ALL my accounts in one place along with my specific financial goals.  I love their FREE financial classes that help establish a new financial mindset while learning to implement the budget. It also increases your financial saavy by changing the way you handle your money! 


When you see my graphics in these social media/website streets, know that 9 times out of 10 they were created by Canva. I love the simplicity of Canva and the alignment tools, shapes, frames, customization and ALL that they offer. I use regular Canva (free) and Canva Work. If you're good you are with graphics and will be consistently creating your graphics, Canva Work is a great option. You'll have a brand kit readily available, transparent images, and a lot more. 


Whether your goal is $500 to $25,000 this is the best savings automated app and online tool that I have used to truly begin saving money. I love it because it helps you go after what you want financially without taking up time to figure anything out! It analyzes your behavior and stashes away amounts so small on your behalf, you’ll NEVER miss it! It's 2.99 a month and has state of the art security measures as you save money in your sleep literally. It removes ANY excuse to start saving NOW!


I love the simplicity of mailchimp. When you are ready to engage and nurture your audience, this is the tool to use when you are first starting out. Yes there are other email listing platforms but this is a great place to start and get in the game. Customization and automation are available to you as well so you can create it, schedule it, and forget it. That is key when you are getting ready to be intentional about building your email marketing. Mailchimp is a winner. 


I have found that Beachbody On Demand & Shakeology have worked the best for me and keep my fitness priority consistent. 30 minutes or less a day, and I'm done! I've even lost 60lbs at home while doing it. Beachbody On Demand are the best bang for your buck beyond any personal trainer or gym that I have tried. Beachbody On Demand is apart of my BodyWERK challenge. When you get BOD, you you also get me FREE as accountability partner on your fitness journey! Let's do this!