Ep32 - Soul Decisions

I sit down with my one of my closest sister friends, DaNae Hurston to talk about soul care. Making this and years to come the best a reality begins with your soul. It is so important to nourish and nurture your soul.

DaNae Hurston, daughter of God. She is a wife and mom first. A SoulCare Coach and Lifestyle Strategist second. Through the platform of She Radiates Truth, she gives women strategy & structure from a spiritual and practical perspective that helps them align who they are now with who God intends them to be so they can operate in their divine purpose, power, and peace. DaNae also works alongside her husband. They coach struggling marriages and blended families so they can function as a loving, whole, healthy team.

You can learn how to care for your soul with DaNae at www.DaNaeHurston.com

Episode Summary Notes:

DaNae shares her heart about the pivotal moment that shifted her intentions to become a woman that WERKS SoulCare into her life. She shares the key componet to getting to the root so you can bear fruit from the inside out.

Love & Legacy Questions:

Define being a woman that WERKS in 3 words or less - She Is Decided

Name one book that has elevated the WERK in your life - The 40 Day Soul Fast by Cindy Trimm

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