Ep28 - Monkey See Monkey Do

Our purpose, power, and position need dynamic discipline in order for us to be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion. It all begins with self love. Whether it's been taught or you don't know where to start - it's time to begin with YOU!

I share how important self-love is where it begins and can be applied to your life. We need YOU! With the WERK Vault we can do it together!

Ep20 - Power of Accountability

No matter how clear you get about the vision for your life, it does not matter unless you do it. Yet you are able to go further with accountability than you can on your own. 

Who can check you? We need each other to hold each other accountable to maximize our portential in a major way. 

Find out the what, why, who and do in this podcast! 

Your vision awaits YOU and those who need it! 

I even have a companion workboook to go with this podcast. Get it HERE!

Ep16 - Come Out of Hiding!

Believe in what you have and how it is the answer to what someone needs. What are you hiding and why? Let's not let the fear of failure stop what won't fail! 

Ep11 - Sleeping Giants Part 5

You are no longer bound and have the power to streamline your focus to be and do all that God put on the inside of you. Know how necessary YOU are!  


Ep10 - Sleeping Giants Part 4

It's time for you to truly see yourself the way God does and move in the divine power that you have within like never before. No longer can you see yourself with the wrong lens. 

Wake UP!

Ep8 - Sleeping Giants - Part 2

Your story is where you build life and purpose from. Your story is also the place that births struggle or is it? Pay attention to how you go about your days and whether the story that you are telling yourself is truth. Could it be a lie that could be hindering you labeled as a struggle? You have an ability to eliminate your struggles that are really no longer struggles and ELEVATE your life!

Wake UP!

Ep5 - Trust God That's Dope

In life you can be taught not to trust which can have a lasting affect not being able to MAXIMIZE your life. Trusting God is the beginning of all things that are DOPE about your life. You were built to be great and when you trust that your life will change! Your trust will not only change your life but the lives that are waiting on YOU to trust.

Ep4 - You CAN Transform

You were created to be GREAT and the more that you feel that is out there for you awaits. You are able to transform and I talk about how to be intentional with the transformation and soar to new heights!