Ep34 - Don't Leave A Mess

Talking about or even preparing for end of life plans is not sexy but it's so necessary. I talk about the Legacy Drawer and the powerful message they leave behind. Let's not just live our best life but leave a death mess.

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Ep29 - The Power of Priority

I sit down and chat with my girl, Wifecoach Lakia “LB” Brandenburg about the power of priority and what true balance is. We get into how it holds the key to balancing all the titles we carry and carrying them well!

Wife-to-Derek and Coach-to-Wives, Lakia “LB” Brandenburg is The Wife Coach. She is a two-time bestselling author who is committed to helping women (who are married or planning-to-be) to know the difference between being a "married" woman and being a dynamic wife. LB empowers women to get rid of the fairytale syndrome and create a more realistic vision for their marriage and role as a wife. By tapping into The Power of the "P," and knowing when to "Tame Your Tongue," her clients are taught how to live the "happy wife life" and create their own Picture Perfect marriage. 

You can catch Lakia’s gems and amazingness at www.lakiabrandenburg.com

Episode Summary Notes:

LB shares her heart about the pivotal moment that shifted her intentions to become a woman that WERKS her priority and balancing all the titles she carries. She shares practical tips on how to balance through learning how to be selfish and receive support by WERKing your priorities.

Love & Legacy Questions:

Define being a woman that WERKS in 3 words or less - She Is A Boss

Name one book that have elevated the WERK in your life - The Game of Life & How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn

Get Balance Sessions: www.lakiabrandenburg.com

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Ep12 - Sleeping Giants Part 6

We all can go through season of sleeping on ourselves but what we do about it and key. Let's dive into strategy and some real rap raw by waking up the giant within us.


Ep1 - Allow me to INTRODUCE myself!

This is a quick introduction to the podcast. I wanted to begin this journey with the Legacy League so that we can connect regularly as we MAXIMIZE LOVE in our lives so that we create the LEGACY we were designed to have.