Ep27 - Attracting Abundance

I sit down and chat with my girl, Wifestyle Strategist Joanae King about the power of self-love. We get into how it holds the key to attracting your abundance!

Joanaé "Naetorious" King is a Wifestyle Strategist and relationship mentor that shares ways to encourage and inspire health in all relationships. Noticing a need for positive depiction of love within the Black community, Joanaé has built a platform filled with strategies and encouragement for the Black family. Joanaé is also the founder of BLACK WIVES MATTER; a movement built around self-care for the Black Married Woman.

You can catch Joanaé's commentary on Black Love and Lifestyle at www.blackwivesmatter.us 

Episode Summary Notes:

Joanae shares how she went from overwhelmed to overflow by putting in WERK in the area of self-love. She shares practical tips on how to incorparate self-love in your life and how to see your own greatness.

Love & Legacy Questions:

Define being a woman that WERKSin 3 words or less - Busy being blessed

Name one book that have elvated the WERK in your life - You Were Born Not To Suffer by Blake Bauer

YouTube channels she loves - You Are Creators & Esther Hicks

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