You Are Legacy

Many times when we hear the word legacy, our first thought is not ourselves. Why not? It should be because whatever legacy we leave begins with us and the life we chose to live. 

For many years I was drowning, barely able to catch my breath. Why you may I ask, because I chose to. It was my choice to believe in everyone else before myself. My heart was pure in wanting everyone else around me to win yet I was sinking. I was taking the life out of me without me even knowing. I now create legacy in my life and allow those in it to benefit the rest from my best to myself. 

What is it costing you? Are you creating legacy in your life that your were created to create? I charge you to take the time daily to TRULY give yourself the best and give the overflow to the rest. You are worth it.  

If you need more help in discovering how to create more legacy in your life by removing the clutter of saving the world and getting clear on your below.