Punch Fear in the Face

There have been times where I have been so full of fear of doing what I am called to do that I would simply do nothing for long period of times. Then I would start and be SO afraid to fail that I would retreat again. I would be so overwhelmed with the weight of the responsibility and the opinion of others.

I began to understand that fear is irrelevant when it comes to attaining the more that God has designed for me to have. If I was designed to have it, I have what is in me to attain it. 

What is keeping YOU from taking the steps needed to MAXIMIZE your life. Your more, greater, and dopeness await you. Someone needs what YOU have. Did you hear what I said...what YOU HAVE!! You have EVERYTHING you need on the inside of you to live the life you were called to have. The fear that you feel when you think of the more to your life and what that may require is smoke and mirrors. If you did not have what it takes the fear to steal, kill, and destroy it would be unnecessary to the enemy. 

Make the decision today to take the daily steps towards the more that your life has to offer you. When you pursue it you'll be encouraged and do more. 

I would love to come alongside you and help you punch fear in the face and MAXIMIZE your life with LOVE as your create LEGACY that aligns with the DOPENESS that is YOU! If you are ready...click below.