Power Thoughts

Have you ever considered what you are thinking about? Your thoughts are so powerful! Even YOU came from a thought. You were once a mere thought in God's mind and now you are a reality.

It is the same thing with your very own thoughts. You have the power of CHOICE to think on things that push you to be who you are called to be. Yes, life will happen, break ups, heartbreak, and impoverished circumstances yet YOUR thoughts have the power to pull you through and out greater. Don't rehearse the negative things and circumstances in your life that kills the most authentic part of you; your greatness. 

Make the decision to think on the things that will cause you to take action, be encouraged, and do the things that make you better. Aren't YOU ready to attain ALL that belongs to you? If so, it begins in your mind and what you choose to think on. What you think is what you say, what you say is what you do, and what you do is what you live! 

It's time out for the "same thing different day" mentality! You were born from a thought of GREATNESS...act like it. Actually, think like it. There are God ideas of businesses, inventions, and things that will effect change in those who are waiting on you to be you by first changing your thoughts. 

It YOU are ready to dominate over possibilities everyday in your life beginning in your thoughts...click below.