3 months. Your giants…slayed!

I totally understand being so overwhelemed and frustrated with areas of your life and not knowing where to start to change it. Half the time not feeling like you even have the time or energy to face it because it just seems so massive to attack. It’s a lot easier to believe not dealing with it at all and just keep the “peace”.

How bout I grab your hand and your power to show you how to turn around and face the giant(s) in your life and slay them with the giant that is within YOU. That’s right. YOU have what it takes. I’ve been there. Let’s slay YOUR giants so that you can walk in true peace and what is on the other side of that giant…greater specific to YOU!

I will give you specific strategies to slay YOUR giant(s), keep you accountable, and walk with you as you press towards EVERYTHING that is your destiny as you reap the rewards of awakening the giant within YOU as you slay the giant(s) before you. You will get me twice a month and that will build upon the WERK you put in. 

Monthly you will receive: 

  • 2 - 90 min Strategy Sessions a month

  • Unlimited email access (during office hours)

  • Slay Strategy - monthly strategy

  • Overcome struggles and filter the power of your YES

  • Impact your home & purpose with divine flow

  • Greater peace and life change

  • Giant(s) slayed!