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I know all about excuses and how they hinder you when you want to do one thing but and up doing another. I have struggled with my weight and just making the life changes in order to attain the life that I know belongs to me. I made the changes and now I help women do the same spirit, soul, body and brand  (we are a brand whether we realize it or not because we represent every one and every thing attached to us). 

It would be an honor to walk alongside you and help you on your journey for your body and health goals from the inside out. 

I created a program called BodyWERK that incorporates:

  • 30 day supply of superfood nutrition meal replacement to curve cravings, help appetite, and have at least 1 meal figured out a day

  • Meal plan with blood type nutrition guide

  • Workouts that can be streamed from any device

  • A community of women who are busy, have good & bad days, want to win, and be a healthier version of themselves

  • ME as your coach to walk with you and help you adjust and remove the excuses and live from a why that pushes you to put in that WERK for your - E for effort and excellence which is not perfection but YOUR best

I'm super excited for you to start putting in the WERK for yourself before you put in work or pour into any other title you have. You are God's primary investment and He invests with every breath you take. You have purpose, wealth and greatness within you that needs to be attained. It can not be done without health. Let's choose you. 

I got YOU!! 


The cost varies depending on your health & fitness needs. We customize it to your pockets and needs!

You get me, the community, and meal plan for free! 

If YOU truly know you could use a community of women and accountability to continue to press towards your goals as you put WERK in for you FIRST then BodyWERK is for YOU!

I have many options we can go over after registration!