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I'm Leslie Danielle, the Founder and President of Sacred Enterprises, Inc, who houses multiple businesses including the Love & Legacy Strategy Firm.

Welcome to the house of The Love & Legacy Strategy Firm. This is my home where I get to invite YOU to WERK your love life in every way and become the dope entrepreneur that God has called you to be. I believe you can have both, which is the divine reality you were promised. 

I've always had a passion for keeping the integrity of relationships whole and healthy since I was a young child along with seeing the best in people and having the gift to snatch it out. 

I totally know what it's like to KNOW there is more to life, your relationship, and desire to live out your purpose monetized but not know where to start or even if you have time to start. Being a single mom and the one that holds it together for my framily (friends & family), I have stopped and started and gone around in circles when it comes to me, the me that loves the sanctuary life that I call my home, the me that has purpose and destiny on the inside, and the me that desires to allow others to invest in what I serve.

Though I have been in business for 10 plus years, it was in the business of building others while I stayed the best-kept secret. It was not until I had that come to Jesus moment that we all have to experience at different times that I realized that it was important for me to show up in my life when it comes to love & legacy. The love of who I am, what I do, and who I do it with. It was hearing the hearts of multiple clients getting lost in home life when there were businesses and opportunities to allow others to invest in what they serve laying dormant within them. Along with hearing my clients hold the fear that if they actually went for their entreprnuer dreams, it would cost their home life. It’s never about this OR that but this AND that. It takes WERK. That's is why the home of the Love & Legacy Strategy Firm was created just for YOU. 

Holding certifications for women, marriage & family education, a Bachelor of Science in Human Development; with some education in a Masters in Christian Marriage & Family Counseling I've created a 8 step signature system called Synergy Shift™ for The Firm. It is with Synergy Shift™ that I walk alongside you to put in WERK to bring the love and the legacy for your life together. WERK with an E and all about your effort and excellence that you put towards your life so you can overflow instead not pour on E in your home and work life. 


Through LifeWERK and BodyWERK, I am able to WERK your life that begins with love that creates a legacy that is sustained through purpose, practicality, and priority by owning your purpose, power, and position. It is the firms purpose to align your divine life/work balance in a wholistic way that creates success in home life and entrepreneurship ambitions. I literally pull out all your good, bad, and the ugly and walk alongside you pushing you to purpose. With order at the helm in an out of order world, I help you attain the clarity you need that is attached to your destiny.

It would be an absolute honor to serve YOU on your journey to bring light to your purpose, guide your ambition with clarity, and help you stand flat footed in all the things that make you dope courageously as you sow seeds that will leave your legacy. It takes WERK but I GOT YOU!